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Meet Our Founder

Susan Lindquist is the founder and chief executive of Summer Day Consulting LLC.  With 25+ years of experience as a Human Resources leader, change agent and coach, Susan has dedicated her career to helping leaders improve performance by creating meaningful change for themselves, as well as their teams, customers, and shareholders.  

Through a career journey that has crossed many industries including retail, consumer packaged goods, professional and financial services, Susan is passionate about learning and understanding the way leaders can create value in their organizations. Prior to starting Summer Day in 2022, she was the Chief Human Resources Officer of an $800M insurance organization.

Susan is a Certified Organization and Leadership Coach from Northwestern University. As a coach, her goal is to make you feel understood, supported and empowered. Her coaching philosophy is rooted in positive psychology and helping people access their strengths to pursue new possibilities and achieve their goals.       

In her coaching, Susan works with leaders to accelerate their impact. She especially enjoys working with new leaders who want to learn more about their emerging style and supporting leaders who are making career transitions because of a new job, new company, or creating something completely new. To support greater self-awareness for her clients, Susan is certified by Hogan Assessments.

As a consultant, Susan uses her experience as both a coach and CHRO to help teams and organizations improve employee engagement and create high-performing cultures that are aligned with strategy. Her work spans publicly traded, privately held and non-profit organizations. 


Susan Lindquist

Leader - Coach - Consultant - Facilitator

In addition to her professional roles as coach and consultant, Susan is a mother of three, passionate Illini fan, travel addict and a committed lifelong learner – all of which inform her perspective on coaching and personal growth.  Due to her passion for education, after many years of individual support and corporate sponsorship, Susan joined the Board of Directors of Tutoring Chicago in 2023.  

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