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Executive Coaching for Impact

Reflection is an intentional practice of self examination. Coaching is a learning approach that creates self-awareness, helps drive transformative change, and provides critical challenge and support.  


A 2023 Forbes article cited data from a Metrix Global case study which concluded that coaching produced over a 5:1 return without including the financial benefits of employee retention. When considering that critical factor, the ROI jumps to nearly 8:1 or 788%.

According to the International Coaching Federation, coached executives experience a 70% increase in individual performance, a 50% increase in team performance and a 48% increase in organizational performance.

Lets us help you become the most impactful leader you can be.



Misty Forest Reflection

Who do we coach?

Business Partners

C-Suite Executives

Experienced leaders understand the impact their leadership has on the organization. Coaching provides reflection, insight and an objective sounding board.  

Executives turn to us for help:

  • Uncovering new opportunities in their organization

  • Leading change within their teams

  • Maximizing their professional sunset 

Business Meeting at Small Table

Motivated Leaders

Emerging leaders benefit from a deep dive into their leadership story and identity. Through assessment, goal setting and feedback, we help leaders accelerate their development and impact.

Leaders turn to us to help:

  • Align their values and purpose with the needs of the organization 

  • Strengthen their bench 

  • Simplify their work to create more impact

Summer Day Coaching Advantage

  • 25+ years experience developing leaders as a Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Certified Organizational and Leadership Coach - Northwestern University

  • Certified in Hogan Assessments

  • Approachable and authentic leader who expects results from herself and others

  • Our coaching is rooted in positive psychology. We focus on your values and strengths and create change that aligns with your definition of success. We empower you with tools, insights, and time for reflection so you can explore, discover, and commit to actions that will bring out your best version of you.

"The discussions were frank and honest and I trusted her thoughts. She accepted who I was and worked with me to improve my approach to get better results. She has the innate ability to accept a person for who they are and recognize their strengths and gifts while also identifying specific areas of improvement that do not change that person’s nature."

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