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Leadership Consulting

We are passionate about great leadership. In addition to executive coaching, we offer a variety of consulting services to increase the capabilities and impact of the leadership across your organization. 

Business Meeting

Succession Management

Every organization owes it to their employees, customers and shareholders to ensure there is a pipeline of leaders ready and able to continue the organization's mission. With direct experience working with C-suite executives and Board of Directors, we can ensure you are in a ready-now position to plan for anticipated and unplanned leadership changes. With proper identification, development, coaching and mentoring, your high-potential employees will be ready and your organization will benefit from a seamless transition.

Strategy and Meeting Facilitation

Facilitate means to make things easier. Whether it is a week-long strategy session, a three-day executive retreat or an important meeting, we have developed a strong process to make sure you get results. By ensuring objectives are understood, meeting engagement is high and key strategies are discussed, debated and decided, every participant leaves with a positive experience and a commitment to the outcomes and decisions of the group.

Culture and Engagement

Investing in organizational culture is a strategic, operational and social imperative. According to a PwC Global Culture Survey, 81% of the executives surveyed identified a strong organizational culture as a competitive advantage. We can help you become a culture champion by linking company strategy and your leadership identify to the employee experience.

We worked with Summer Day Consulting to develop our company’s new competency model. This project had an extremely aggressive deadline with important milestones. Susan created a detailed statement of work and a flexible project plan that worked to our schedules. Our meetings were super productive, and she made sure to keep us on task to maximize our time. In the end, she delivered a work product that met all our requirements and exceeded expectations. 

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